from 16:30 - Let's organise to strike! Together fit for the industrial action at the university

The autumn round of collective bargaining is approaching and we are taking a run-up to prepare for industrial action in the autumn. Because: We want a collective agreement for student employees! Student assistants and tutors have long since become a mainstay of academic life and we make sure that everything runs smoothly. We think: we also have the right to good working conditions and collective bargaining coverage! We want more pay, more holidays, more co-determination, longer contract periods, compliance with minimum standards...The meeting will deal with the following topics:

  1.     What are the current working conditions at OvGU?
  2.     What is at stake in the autumn and what is a collective agreement?
  3.     What can we do to push through our demands?


  • Organizer: TVStud Magdeburg
  • Time: 4:30 - 6:30 pm
  • Place: building 22A, room 122

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