Saturday, 14. October

The KüFa provides people at Hasselbachplatz with a warm meal. In the meantime, it has established itself as a meeting place for people from the neighbourhood and beyond. Some of the food comes from people who do foodsharing. We have a foodsharing fair share and a freezer at Tacheles. Feel free to come by from 4pm and enjoy a delicious meal from the Kitchen for All. From 5pm we will also introduce you to Tacheles and our work as platz*machen e.V.. We look forward to seeing you!

We make room for all those who otherwise have no place! Since 2021 you can find us at Tacheles in Sternstrasse 30, directly at Hasselbachplatz in Magdeburg. As an association, we stand up for an open and tolerant society.

We want to shape the neighbourhood together and in solidarity, using the potential and diversity around Hasselbachplatz. To this end, we have created an uncommercial free space where people can meet and engage in mutual exchange. We also organise events and projects on a voluntary basis in the areas of political education, urban design, art and culture, and counselling.

  • Organizer: platz*machen
  • Time: from 4 pm
  • Place: Tacheles (Sternstraße 30, 39104 Magdeburg)

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