The 3rd Thursday of the month is dedicated to making our campus a little nicer together.  Our CleanUp campaign has been running for over a year now, in spring there is a larger-scale spring clean-up and last October there was also a big CleanUp with music, food and a small raffle.  Anyone who wants to support us can simply come along without registering. Just come and clean up the campus with us! The event always lasts about an hour, but you can of course leave earlier if you don't have that much time. You don't need to bring anything, except yourself and motivation. We have rubbish bags, gloves and rubbish tongs for you.  We look forward to seeing you!

  • Organizer: Nachhaltigkeitsbüro 
  • Time: from 1 pm
  • Place: Meadow in front of building 16

    We invite you to get to know us and our group: we will not only inform you about planned actions and our association structure, but also want to get into conversation with you about left issues.

    • Organizer: Linksjugend ['solid] Magdeburg
    • Time: from 7 pm
    • Place:  building 40, room 331

      Das Kombinat A film by Moritz Springer - Over a period of 9 years, the documentary DAS KOMBINAT accompanies the Kartoffelkombinat (Potato Combine) from Munich on its moving journey from an idealistic idea to the largest solidarity agriculture in Germany.  For the two founders Daniel Überall and Simon Scholl, the cultivation of vegetables serves as a Trojan horse to advance a much bigger idea. The two want a completely different economic system, an alternative to the capitalist mode of production. They ask themselves, how do we produce things, who owns the means of production and who should profit from this production in the end? Along the way, both very concrete gardening and personal problems arise and suddenly the project is on the verge of failure. On 17 and 19 October at 7 pm each at the Studiokino Magdeburg.

      More information about the film: "Das Kombinat" is available here.


      • Organizer: Solawi Vielfeld
      • Time: at 7 pm
      • Place: Studiokino Magdeburg (Moritzplatz 1a, 39124 Magdeburg)

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