from 7 pm - Open meeting of the OLLi

You are interested in left-wing politics that is not limited to Magdeburg University, but also has a positive influence on the city itself through actions, statements and events?  As a left-wing, anti-fascist and anti-capitalist university group, we stand up for the interests of those who are not on the supposed sunny side of the capitalist system. We stand up for a society and also a university in which the profit principle does not rule, but the human being with his needs is in the center.  We see the university not as a learning factory, but as a social space whose left-wing structures must be strengthened inside and outside the university. We don't see you as an enrolled number in the university or a file number in Magdeburg's citizen's office, but as an individual who can participate equally from the beginning and realize his or her own ideas. Whether you are a student, alumni, professional, pupil or student - you are always welcome here, your social status does not matter to us.  You want to talk with us about our work as a left-wing university group, about our goals and planned actions over a beer or two? Then grab your bike or get on the next streetcar and meet us!


  • Organizer: Offene Linke Liste Magdeburg (OLLi)
  • Time: from 7 pm
  • Place: building 40, room 026

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