foodsharing is a movement that works to save food from being thrown away. In Magdeburg we are about 50 active foodsaver, who save and fair share food in more than 40 cooperations. We would like to get in touch with interested people, answer your questions and share rescued food fairly.

  • Organizer: foodsharing Magdeburg
  • Time: 12 am - 2 pm
  • Place: Mensavorplatz

    The MediNetz Magdeburg e.V. is a non-governmental association that has set itself the goal of providing access to medical care for all people. Together we stand up for people who are partially or even completely excluded from the health care system by the legislation of the FRG. We provide support by recording the health problems of the clients via our hotline or our weekly consultation hours and then refer them to suitable specialists and accompany them. A diverse network of doctors, laboratories, interpreters and social institutions support us in our work. In addition, we raise awareness by drawing attention to the often precarious living conditions of our patients and also advocate for a fair health care system at the political level. Our group is open to people with and without a medical background. Would you like to join us? That's great! You can support us in many ways: in individual case support, with language mediation, in the administration of the association, in the acquisition of donations or in public relations. Does this sound interesting to you? Then come to our open plenum!

    If you don't have time on the date mentioned but are interested, then simply write to us: via email:
    or Instagram: We look forward to seeing you!

    • Organizer: MediNetz Magdeburg e.V.
    • Time: at 7 pm
    • Place: Thiembuktu (Thiemstraße 13, 39104 Magdeburg)

      While the ecological crises escalate worldwide, the federal and state governments do not even manage to secure the future of the Deutschlandticket. There is still no semester ticket that is also valid as a Deutschlandticket. At the same time, public transportation is being cut in more and more cities due to insufficient funding and staff. Not to mention the urgently needed expansion, especially in rural areas.

      #WeRideTogether is the name of our campaign between the climate movement, passengers and employees in public transport, with which we want to change this.
      At the climate strike on Sept. 15, over 400 people in 40 cities collected more than 21,000 signatures, giving the starting signal for our joint strike movement in early 2024 together with public transport workers. We also collected 405 signatures in Magdeburg!


      On 18.10. at 7 p.m. in Tacheles (Sternstraße 30), the employees of the Magdeburg public transport company will report on what the current problems are in public transport. We will present our campaign and want to consider with you how we can bring our strike movement here in Magdeburg to the university and college. We are already 405 people in Magdeburg alone! 
      Come by and get involved, or just listen! 
      See you on Wednesday!


      • Organizer: Klima und Klasse, FFF Magdeburg
      • Time: from 7 pm
      • Place: Tacheles (Sternstraße 30, 39104 Magdeburg)

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